Mother's Day Skincare Gifts

Pamper your mum with only the best! Make your mum look and feel wonderful with these Mother's Day Specials.


Our Hydro Perfect Set is the perfect remedy for dehydrated skin or any skin that wants to glow from within. Every product in this range uses an advanced Water-Lock complex that works to boost your skin’s hydration levels while ensuring water remains locked into your skin, to give you smooth supple skin and that coveted skin glow! This skincare set also includes additional 3-pcs AGF_ReverZ Bio Masks to help you regain youthful skin!

To strike the right balance to calm, smooth and protect sensitive skin. Enriched with collagen extract and Vitamin C, the Skin Balancing Duo provides an intense dose of hydration for your skin while brightening and boosting your skin's natural radiance.

Intense moisture boost for a moist radiant complexion. Restores the skin's natural water shield while sealing in moisture for long-lasting hydration.

The basic and essential steps of the skincare routine are hydrating and rebalancing your skin by thoroughly cleansing your skin and toner to prep the skin for serum and moisturizer.