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AGF_REVERZ Toner [NY372S-0]

AGF_REVERZ Toner [NY372S-0]

Anti-aging, Brightening and Hydration

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This toner is essential in any anti-aging skincare routine! It helps to smooth out your skin texture, reduce fine lines and boost skin radiance while rehydrating your skin and ensuring that it is ready for the next step of your skincare routine. 

Skin Type

All Skin types


  • Smoothen skin texture
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Restore skin’s hydration and radiance
  • Strengthen the skin’s protective barrier

Key Ingredients:

An excellent humectant that helps to restore the water balance in the epidermis, and strengthen the barrier function, preventing the penetration of harmful substances.

Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract
Gently removes dead skin cells on the skin's surface, conditioning skin cuticle.

Sodium Hyaluronate
Humectant that has excellent water retentive capacity, reduces wrinkles and improves skin radiance and suppleness.

How to Use:

  1. After cleansing, apply toner to a cotton pad.
  2. Gently stroke over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Do not rinse.



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