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Hydro Perfect+ Wash [NY119S-1]

Hydro Perfect+ Wash [NY119S-1]

Refreshing, hydrating foaming wash with amino acids

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A hydrating foaming wash that gently removes dirt, excess sebum, and other impurities without unbalancing skin's delicate moisture levels. Enriched with amino acids to maintain ample moisture levels to leave the skin feeling clean and comfortable.

Refresh and hydrate your skin with every wash! 

Skin Type

All Skin types


  • Cleanses without dryness or leaving a tight feeling
  • Contains skin-hydrating ingredients

Key Ingredients:

Amino Acid Complex
It is a mix of 17 different types of amino acids that are similar in composition to the skin. It maintains stratum corneum water content to build up water barriers around the skin so that the skin stays hydrated even after cleansing.

Glyceryl Glucoside (GG)
It is a natural combination of glycerol and glucose. It penetrates the deeper epidermal layers of skin and activates the "aquaporin" in skin cells, improving the water balance while strengthening the skin's barrier. 

How to Use:

  1. Take a small amount of cleanser (1-2 pumps) and lather with water.            
  2. Massage onto damp skin with circular motions.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.



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